The Juréia-Itatins Ecological Station

The Juréia-Itatins Ecological Station is an ecological sanctuary in the coast of São Paulo state. It is located 150 km from São Paulo city, very close to the city of Peruíbe, which is considered its main entrance. The sanctuary covers 820 km of tropical rain forests and wild-desert beaches.

Although it is located in a place settled by the Portuguese colonizers in the 16th century, Juréia still holds one of the last spots in the coast of Brazil covered with the tropical rain forest that used to cover most of Brazilian coast. Thousands of animal and plant species are protected in this sanctuary. Access is restricted in order to protect the environment.

The place is not only covered with wonderful paradisiacal beaches, but there are also many waterfalls and trails for those who love trekking.

Although Peruíbe is the official entrance of the Juréia Sanctuary, other cities are located in the neighboring area and offer excellent places to visit. Cananéia and Iguape are good examples of this. They rival on beaches, many of them are excellent for the practice of surf.

In Cananéia, you can also find the State Park of the Ilha do Cardoso (Cardoso Island). It is a park with 22 thousand ha. formed by rock, beaches, islands, river deltas, lakes, swamps and plain areas covered with Mata Atlântica - the tropical rain forest of the coast of Brazil. It is a wonderful place for trekkers and beach lovers.

You can reach this region by bus or by car from São Paulo city. By car, take the BR-116 federal road to Curitiba and then:

- if you wish to go to Peruíbe, turn left at Pedro Barros and take the SP-165 state road to Peruíbe;

- if you wish to go to Iguape, turn left at Biguá and take the SP-222 state road to Iguape;

- if you wish to go to Cananéia, turn left after passing Registro at the entrance for Pariquera-Açu and take the SP-226 state road to Cananéia. There is daily bus service to those cities leaving the São Paulo Bus Terminal.